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Are you tired of violent messages being sent to our kids and families through the media? Our goal is to help make our world a safer and healthier place through movies with positive, uplifting and character building messages that are entertaining with spectacular outdoor adventure.


Synopsis of New York City Cowboys

New York City Cowboys brings us a high-spirited dose of outdoor action and adventure when a family trades their New York City taxi business, for a ranch in Montana's big sky country, and are sabotaged by a landowner, who claims they are on his land. What propels them to overcome the adversity and struggles is the young boy who carries the faith of his father and uses those values to uplift the family and help them to succeed.

"What New York City Cowboys offers is a glimpse at how each of us can change our life for the better and in doing so, become the best version of ourselves. We owe this to our children - to return them to their imagination and sense of curiosity. This film is a game changer and will undoubtedly spark a thirst for adventure and communicate the virtues and foundations that will serve our children and society for years to come."

"Having been involved in the world-wide casting of family based projects I appreciate the huge benefits that children and young people can gain from beautiful stories, well told. I believe family based films are crucial for the development of young people. What better way to educate and inspire our young people than by giving them positive, entertaining and, most importantly, fun filled experiences via the medium of film? In our hectic modern world, never has the time been more right for a film, such as New York City Cowboys."

Writer/Director Stewart Raffill

New York City Cowboys is written by award winning director/writer Stewart Raffill whose work has had number one hits at the box office and on television. His family adventure films include: The New Swiss Family Robinson, Across The Great Divide, Grizzly Falls and The Adventures of The Wilderness Family. New York City Cowboys promises to be a classic for the family and visually entertaining with grizzly bear encounters, mountain lions and a horse race that will have you cheering in your seat.

Selected animal action scenes from Stewart Raffill movies

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